Harley-Davidson® Milwaukee-Eight

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Are you ready for the next big innovation from Harley-Davidson®? Ready or not, here’s the new Milwaukee-Eight engine; the heart of the 2017 touring family from Harley-Davidson®. With superior performance, outstanding power, and the Harley® rumble that you know and love, the Milwaukee-Eight is rolling onto a road near you. Come in and see us at O’Toole’s Harley-Davidson® or call us and schedule a test ride and experience this engine for yourself. O’Toole’s Harley-Davidson® proudly serves the areas of Middletown, New York, and Port Jervis, in Orange County, Ulster County, and Hudson Valley, as well as Matamoras, Pennsylvania, and Sussex, New Jersey!

Harley-Davidson® Milwaukee-Eight History

Harley-Davidson®’s innovative Milwaukee-Eight design may be all new, but the legacy that it follows stretches back over a century. Since the first F-Head engines rolled onto the road, Harley-Davidson® has been pioneering engine design, creating motorcycles that always pushed the limits. The F-Head gave way to the Flathead engine, which later evolved into the Knucklehead motor that formed the foundation for the next 70 years of Harley-Davidson®’s air cooled engine designs. Harley-Davidson® ushered in the modern touring era with the Shovelhead engine, which powered the first Electra-Glide® motorcycles in 1966. At the turn of the century, Harley-Davidson® unveiled the powerful Twin Cam engine, which has served as the heart of the Touring family for over 15 years. Now Harley-Davidson® has revealed the engine that will drive the next generation of touring motorcycles into the future: The Milwaukee-Eight.

Harley-Davidson® Milwaukee-Eight Power

The Milwaukee-Eight is a leap forward for Harley-Davidson®’s touring motorcycles. The classic V-Twin design that has powered Harley-Davidson® motorcycles for decades now features an eight valve design which provides a marked improvement in power and performance. You can feel the difference the Milwaukee-Eight makes when you get your touring bike onto the road. Compared to the Twin Cam engines that the Milwaukee-Eight replaces, the new motor provides a distinct acceleration advantage, and in an increase in torque of 10% for 111 ft. lbs. of potential force. The increase in power also comes from the increase in size; stock Milwaukee-Eight engines are 107 cubic inches, while the CVO model is a whopping 114 cu. in. If that’s still not enough engine for you, then bring your Milwaukee-Eight touring bike in for a service appointment and we can install the Screamin’ Eagle Stage III kit, and boost this engine up to a massive 117 inches of roaring power.

Harley-Davidson® Milwaukee-Eight Performance

The Milwaukee-Eight is designed for more than power. This motor was designed to improve the entire touring experience, from the moment you fire up the engine, to the moment you pull into your driveway. The Milwaukee-Eight is the smoothest running, coolest touring engine Harley-Davidson® has ever produced. The Milwaukee-Eight is rubber mounted, and includes a counterbalancer which reduces the vibration of the engine through the bike, reducing your fatigue on long rides. The precision cooled design of the Milwaukee-Eight also lets this engine shed heat more easily than other engines, a difference that you’re going to notice if you find yourself in stop and go traffic on a hot day. Not only is it cooler and smoother, but the Milwaukee-Eight is more efficient than previous engines, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck at the fuel pump.

Harley-Davidson® 2017 Milwaukee-Eight Motorcycles for sale near Middletown, New York

With the power and performance that will drive Harley-Davidson®’s touring motorcycles into the future, the new Milwaukee-Eight is the best touring engine the company has ever produced. If you want to experience the Milwaukee-Eight for yourself, call us or stop by and visit today and we’ll be happy to schedule a test ride for you on one of our 2017 touring motorcycles. O’Toole’s Harley-Davidson® is proud to serve the areas of Middletown, New York, and Port Jervis, in Orange County, Ulster County, and Hudson Valley, as well as Matamoras, Pennsylvania, and Sussex, New Jersey.

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