Harley-Davidson® Reflective Riding Gear

February 24th, 2020 by

When it comes to safety on the road, it’s just as important that other motorists can see you as that you can see them. Especially if you’re going to be riding at night or in low light conditions. O’Toole’s Harley-Davidson® wants your next ride to be fun and comfortable, but above all safe and with Harley-Davidson® reflective riding gear you’ll be highly visible to other vehicles on the road and still look like you belong on a Harley® bike. Read below for our recommendations on how to make sure you’re seen while you’re on your bike, and if you need more information visit our dealership in person. We’re located near Middletown, New York, and Port Jervis, in Orange County, Ulster County, and Hudson Valley!

Retro-Reflective Technology

Your average reflective riding gear does an OK job increasing visibility on the road, but when your safety is at stake, OK doesn’t quite cut it, so Harley-Davidson® has come together with 3M® to create some of the most visible riding gear on the road. Using 3M Scotchlite® reflective material, Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® are able to increase your visibility far beyond the capabilities of other riding gear. The trick is the 3M’s retroreflective technology, which directs captured light back at the source, instead of scattering the light like other gear. This means that when a car’s headlights hit your H-D® riding gear that light is bounced right back at the driver, making you clearly visible from distances of up to 500 feet; four times farther than standard reflective riding gear.

Function Meets Fashion

Of course, you want to be seen on the road, but it’d be nice if your riding jacket was stylish enough that you’d want to be seen in it off the road as well! Harley-Davidson® has you covered! Our reflective riding gear comes in a wide variety of styles for men and women, including leather and synthetic materials. Instead of adding high visibility material to the normal swaths along the arms and back, Harley-Davidson® has fashioned their reflective material into awesome graphics and patches that pop out when they’re illuminated, and fade subtly into the design of your equipment under normal conditions. With reflective options for your jacket, pants, gloves, and boots, Harley-Davidson® has your visibility needs covered from head to toe!

Reflective Rain Gear: Perfect for a Rainy Day

When the rain falls, visibility drops dramatically. Between the rain, fog, and spray kicked up on the road, motorcycles can fade dangerously into the background for other motorists. That’s why all H-D® rain gear is covered with generous amounts of the 3M Scotchlite reflective material, because when the rain is falling and drivers are distracted, you need every advantage you can get! This gear is also built for a quick, comfortable fit, and lasting durability, so there’s no reason to invest in any other type of rain gear!

Remember, average reflective gear is good but Harley-Davidson® reflective gear is better. With their partnership with 3M™ you’re visit up to an additional 500 feet above and beyond other visibility equipment. We’ve also got a line of rain gear and reflective patches so you don’t have to sacrifice that iconic Harley® attitude in order to keep safe while you ride. However you decide to increase your visibility on the road, visit O’Toole’s Harley-Davidson®, near Matamoras, Pennsylvania, and Sussex, New Jersey, and check out available selection of Harley® reflective gear!

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