Tips for Riding Trike Motorcycles

February 24th, 2020 by

Harley-Davidson® Trikes are their own breed. They look different than the traditional motorcycle of course. They sport an extra wheel, take up more space on the road, and sport a different riding position. They may not be the most common vehicle on the road, but trikes offer a unique appeal with their ease of handling, improved comfort, and better stability. It’s no surprise many people own one.

Trike motorcycles are different to operate than bikes and cars. Many states require a separate driving certification before you can hit the road on one. If you want to gain confidence before class starts or want a refresher, check out our riding tips below. For any parts replacement or maintenance on your trike, visit O’Toole’s Harley-Davidson® . You’ll find us in Wurtsboro, near Middletown, Newburgh, Orange County, Hudson Valley, NY and Honesdale, PA .

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